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As part of our mission to inform and educate, ReportOUT hold regular public events, both online and offline, as part of our calendar focusing on the lived experiences of people in the U.K. and globally.


These events are hosted by ReportOUT volunteers and they often feature sexual and gender minorities (LGBTQI+ people and their communities) from all over the globe discussing a range of topics from; human rights issues, activism, resistance and their own personal lived experiences.

You will need a ticket for our events, and you can book your ticket for upcoming events on this page.

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To date, we have had over 600 people come to our events and we have received some fantastic feedback so far, such as:


  • 100% of previous attendees have stated that they have enjoyed our events;

  • 97% of previous attendees have stated that our events were well organised;

  • 97% of previous attendees have stated that they would attend our future events.

At ReportOUT, we are proud of this! Whether it is a public talk, a panel discussion, a workshop or a fundraising event, we warmly welcome everyone at our events. However, our events regularly sell out and so we recommend that you sign up to our email newsletter to find out about them first and to avoid disappointment.

We link all of our events to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. To find out more about what ReportOUT are doing to achieve Agenda 2030 and the UN SDGs, read about our SDG Champions here.

Please note: Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, all of our current events will be held online on Zoom until further notice.

Upcoming events (July - August 2021)

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Our previous events

Panel Discussion: Russia and The Cayman Islands - IDAHOBIT 2021

For International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOBIT) 2021, ReportOUT held an online panel discussion, featuring transgender and non-binary activists from Russia and the Cayman Islands. 


Public Talk: The Men in the Pink Triangle (LGBTQI+ History Month: 2021)

For LGBTQI+ History Month in 2021, ReportOUT held an online public talk to bring to light the lost histories of gay men (the few that have been documented) who perished in the Nazi Holocaust of World War II. This talk explores life before, during and after the Holocaust. What happened to the men involved? Whilst discussing the 'pink genocides' of the past, this talk also highlights what is currently happening to the human rights of LGBTQI+ people in Chechnya as an eerie reflection of past atrocities coming back to life. This talk contains some upsetting stories.

"Excellent and informative presentation particularly the links made to repression today. Really motivated me to stand up and speak up about the repression and silencing taking place in Chechnya." (Event feedback)

Ghana Panel Talk: Barriers and Resistance in Ghana

ReportOUT discusses what life is life for sexual and gender minorities (LGBTQI+) in Ghana. In our public panel discussion, we focus on the lived experiences of activists from Ghana

"Enjoyable and informative - inspiring activism" (Event feedback)


South Asia Panel Talk: Barriers and Resistance in South Asia

ReportOUT discusses what life is life for sexual and gender minorities (LGBTQI+) in South Asia. In our public panel discussion, we focus on the lived experiences of activists from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

"Great event - really nice to see a platform that’s non-government led. Looking forward to future events" (Event feedback)

Other previous events:

  • An Evening with Mark Gevisser – Author of Book ‘The Pink Line’ (Interview)

  • Article 14: The Right to Asylum and Sexual and Gender Minorites: Are there Problems with the U.K. Asylum System? (Panel discussion)

  • Close to Home: Gay Life in Ireland (Public talk)

  • Queer Life in Saudi Arabia (Public talk)

  • What is Happening in Uganda to Sexual and Gender Minorities? (Panel discussion)

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"It was great to be part of a live discussion with people in Uganda and to be made aware of their basic human struggle to even exist and be acknowledged as human beings in their own right. It was a moving and truly authentic experience. The event provided true insight into the lives of people on the ground facing real lifethreatening, existential threats" (Event feedback)