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The Main Day:
Campaigns and Exhibitions

On our main Symposium day, we will have a wealth of campaigns and a fantastic exhibition for you to see. Our programme will give further details about this, but we thought that you would like to see a taster of what we plan to offer.

In 2022, ReportOUT and the Gilbert Baker Foundation partnered together to ask people from all over the globe to submit their pictures of the Pride flag, and why they felt the Pride flag was important to them. We received over 200 applications, of which 50 made it into an exhibit of stunning placards which have been since exhibited in London, New York, Leeds, San Francisco and further.


Take a look at just some of the placards which will be exhibited at #SaferToBeMe

82 Shanghai Pride.png
1 Kenya.png
91 Kiev Pride.png
33 Kudzai.png
57 Igor Albuquerque.png
70 Euclides.png
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