Green in the Rainbow - We are Hiring!

Thanks to funding from the National Lottery: Together for Our Planet Initiative, ReportOUT are excited to launch our new, innovative and timely ‘Green in the Rainbow’ Project, alongside the recent outcomes from the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference.


We believe that we must engage with the climate emergency, now more than ever and to help to meet Goal 13: Climate Action, of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Why the climate emergency?


In its Fifth Assessment Report (2014), the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a group of 1,300 independent scientific experts from countries all over the world, under the auspices of the United Nations, concluded there is a more than 95% probability that human activities over the past 50 years have warmed our planet. The climate emergency is starting to have devastating effects on the world.


Whilst we are all affected as humans by the climate emergency, we do know that some groups in

society are affected by climate change much than others. It is becoming very clear that

intersectional and marginalised groups, such as sexual and gender minorities, are more likely

to be affected by the results of climate change.

Image by Dan Meyers
Image by Wade Austin Ellis
Image by OCG Saving The Ocean

We see increasing evidence of this, in that many sexual and gender minorities in the U.K. and globally, will face the ‘front facing’ results of the climate emergency; including warming temperatures, flooding and Extreme Weather Events (EWEs). With higher rates of homelessness and family rejection compared to the rest of the population of the U.K., many sexual and gender minorities will be at the frontline of inner-city flooding, intensely hot summers, climate migration and a lack of representation in climate change decision making. At ReportOUT, we see the connection between the climate emergency, international development and human rights. They are all linked.

Image by Francesca Di Pasqua

The human rights of sexual and gender minorities have led them to become the ‘invisible victims’ of the climate emergency.


You can read more about what we have found out, by clicking here.

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What is the Green in the Rainbow Project about?

This is a project focused mainly on issues in the U.K., but it will also include global case studies and mapping, recognising that the climate emergency knows no geographic boundaries.

Project aim:

To engage with a community mapping study with a focus on the U.K. (with some global mapping in other nation states). To scope the effects of the climate emergency on LGBTQI+ individuals and communities.

Project outcomes:

  • To pull together a broad literature review showing the impact of the climate emergency on LGBTQI+ people in the U.K. and across the globe.
  • To work with LGBTQI+ organisations and communities across the U.K. and globally, to map out the current and future, effects and impacts of the climate emergency on the human rights and development needs of LGBTQI+ people.
  • To measure LGBTQI+ organisational preparedness toward the climate emergency, amongst organisations in the U.K. (including some global case studies), via an information gathering survey.
  • To engage with LGBTQI+ people in the U.K. regarding their knowledge of, and about, the climate emergency and its effects on our communities.
  • To produce a final report and set of recommendations for organisations and other interested stakeholders to implement, in a final, visual and easy to understand report for public use.
  • To deliver a series of public workshops U.K. (both offline and online), using the findings from the final report, to raise awareness of the issues presented.
  • To engage a supplementary set of practical and actionable recommendations for ReportOUT to itself become a carbon neutral organisation.
  • To develop an intersectional network and contact list of organisations, including but not limited to, trade unions, humanitarian aid organisations, women’s, indigenous people’s organisations and environmental organisations, who will meet regularly to discuss the effects of the climate emergency on sexual and gender minorities, and their communities. To ensure the sustainability of this group.
  • To inform ReportOUT of project advances at volunteer and Trustee level meetings.

Who are we looking for?

We are keen to recruit a self-employed person to deliver the Green in the Rainbow Project’s aim and project outcomes.

This person will be a named ‘Development Officer’ for ReportOUT, to engage with the project and to ensure that all objectives are met.

Important: The candidate will have to ensure that they are self-employed and that it will be their responsibility to ensure that they do so, including their own payment of any taxes, NI payments or anything expected of self-employment.

We regret that we can only accept candidates based in the U.K. for this post, due to some of the requirements of travel in the U.K. that may come with this project.

We seek candidates with the following skills:

  • Deep passion for human rights and human development;
  • Strong subject knowledge of the causes, impacts and effects of the climate emergency;
  • Enthusiastic and extremely self-motivated, understanding that they are working within a volunteer-led organisation and so having a clear understanding of the limitations of resources that may come with this. We seek someone with a willingness to engage with ReportOUT internal meetings;
  • Excellent research skills and a keen eye for detail;
  • Experience in writing up research projects to a high standard;
  • Outcome focused and highly organised;
  • Excellent networking skills;
  • Strong communication skills, with an ability to communicate well with different LGBTQI+ communities in the U.K. and globally;
  • Excellent ICT skills and ability to use features of Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom;
  • Ability to write blogs, website content and public facing documents, and in doing this, to ensure that it is accessible, inclusive and easily understood by others;
  • Experience of delivering presentations and/or training courses/events, both online and offline;
  • Ability to produce high-quality visual reports, especially using software such as Canva;
  • Ability to write a funder return report at the very end of the project.

What is our culture like at ReportOUT?

ReportOUT are a volunteer-led organisation and a registered charity in England and Wales (registered charity number 1185887). We describe our culture and personality as fearless, determined and relentless in our belief that human rights are fundamental to advancing the lives of SOGIESC people and their communities. We are guided by strong guiding principles and a strong organisational Theory of Change.

We maintain a lively volunteer-led culture with active Trustees in the U.K. and globally, with our volunteers frequently describing us as a ‘family.’ We believe that a culture of praise, encouragement, mentoring and placing volunteer voices at the forefront, are important to us and we seek people with similar mindsets.

We also describe ourselves as a feminist principled organisation with a strong emphasis on intersectionality, though we know that we can always strive to do better and to be more inclusive. We are proud to hold the Positive Allies charter mark which highlights us as an organisation which is ‘HIV friendly’ to all staff and volunteers;

Due to the serious nature of our work, we also encourage fun, idea-sharing and good well-being amongst those who are part of our ReportOUT family.

What we will offer you:

  • A laptop to use for the lifetime of this project;
  • Free use of Microsoft 365 and its systems;
  • A travel budget for community mapping (though we encourage public transport where possible);
  • Ability to use our office space at Pride Media Centre or to work from home;
  • Regular and supportive meetings with the Chair of Trustees, who will line-manage this project;
  • Flexible use of the hours involved in this project;
  • To be part of the family at ReportOUT.

Applicant information and rates of pay:

Role: Development Officer: £150 daily rate (40 days in total).

These 40 days would be the lifetime of the project.

We can only pay a daily rate and so we would expect the person to submit for a day’s work, not individual hourly rates.

The 40 days as part of this contract can be used flexibly, but they must start from the 03/01/22, ending with all project outcomes met by 16/12/22 (12 months in total) as it is a limitation of our funding.

There is also an expectation that the candidate would complete the funder’s return report at the end of the project, even if this is after the end date specified above.

Want to apply?

Want to have an informal chat or have any questions before you apply? Please contact our Chair of Trustees, Drew Dalton (He/Him) at:

Ready to apply? Please apply for the Development Officer role with the following documents:

  1. A Curriculum Vitae (CV);
  2. A covering letter, of no more than two pages, outlining how your skills, background and experience match the skills that we are looking for;
  3. A written task on no more than two pages answering the following question: “What are the key challenges facing sexual and gender minorities as the climate emergency continues?”

Application email: Please submit all the above documents to our Chair of Trustees, Drew Dalton (He/Him) at:

Application deadline: 7th December 2021 by 16:00 (U.K. time).

Interview date (interviews will be held via Microsoft Teams): 11th December 2021 between 10-4pm (please note that if we have a number of applicants, we may have to add an additional day for interviews).

Please note: We will inform all candidates, whether successful or not for this post, by the 17th December 2021.