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Role: Business Development Officer

Role: Business Development Officer

Please read this role descriptor carefully - have you got the essential skills or experience that we need?

Reporting to: Daniel Peach (Lead Trustee for Corporate Partnerships)


What does this role do?

ReportOUT has a clear mission and is scaling its infrastructure to grow its reach. Corporate partnerships and fundraising are emerging areas of focus with a potential for huge impact on the future of the organisation. ReportOUT’s strategy is to build awareness through direct outreach, create engagement through events and paid speaking events, and eventually solicit donations.

As a Business Development Officer, you will work with Trustees and Communications Officers to identify and engage potential corporate sponsors at target companies. Along with the Trustee of Corporate Partnerships and Fundraising, you will create a shortlist of potential corporate sponsors, create a joint engagement pipeline, perform direct outreach, capture/analyse feedback on ReportOUT’s sponsorship offerings, and forge relationships with organisations as potential sponsors of our work. You will help nurture these relationships with ReportOUT through communications, event invites, offers to present research through paid speaking engagements (for example, LGBT History Month, Pride), and help them fundraise during annual giving campaigns.

Hosted in our new Partnerships and Fundraising team, you will help ReportOUT build a durable foundation to support human rights research, campaigner training and workshops, events, mass communication, and defence campaigns. In the role, you will gain experience with business development and fundraising, while gaining exposure to critical human rights initiatives and campaigners.


Essential skills, experience, or qualifications you need for this particular role: 

  • Clear communicator and comfortable with “cold” outreach through email and LinkedIn.

  • Willing to represent the work of ReportOUT and identify shared interest or value with potential sponsors.

  • Be able to 'sell' ReportOUT to potential sponsors.

  • High levels of professionalism and recognition that this role is a public face of ReportOUT.

  • Strong networker and can foster good relationships with individuals and networks in the private sector.

  • Adaptable and able to use new technologies as part of your role. If you have not used customer relationship management software (Salesforce) before, you must be willing to try it and learn it to a high standard.

  • Strong writing skills and able to write high-quality prose for public consumption.

  • Strategic thinker and problem solver.

Desirable skills, experience, or qualifications: 

  • Experience in fundraising, business development, or sales.

Interested? Got what we need for this role? 

If so, return to the page below and submit your assignment, CV, and online form answers. We look forward to your application!

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