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Volunteer at ReportOUT! 

We are recruiting for:

  • ​We are not currently recruiting

Want to join our team at ReportOUT?

People who are generous enough to donate their free time in support of ReportOUT’s work enable us to do so much more, and so our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation. 


We have 80+ volunteers at ReportOUT who each bring a range of skills, backgrounds and experiences to our organisation


All of our volunteers are dedicated to achieving social change for the human rights, and the development needs, of sexual and gender minorities across the globe. They are committed to helping us to achieve our new Three-Year Strategic Plan for 2022-2025, and our annual action plan goals.


Our volunteers are based both in the U.K. and internationally.


Being part of ReportOUT is the best feeling in the world. Yes, we have to hear many sad stories and life experiences, but we are committed to ensuring the voice of all sexual and gender minorities are heard (Volunteer feedback)

What qualities do you need?

​We seek a certain type of volunteer at ReportOUT who is​:

  • Responsive to our communications – we can be a fast-moving organisation!

  • Dedicated to our cause

  • A clear ‘go-getter’ and very good levels of flexibility

  • Organised and able to juggle multiple workloads

  • Able to fully commit to their role – no half measures

  • Here for the long-term with us, not the short-term

  • Reliable and true to their word

  • Able to start and complete tasks to a high standard

  • A sense of fun and willingness to learn

  • Able to volunteer up to 12 hours per month (not including volunteer meetings) (this does vary and sometimes it can be much less, depending on our organisational need)

What else do you need to bring to us?

  • A decent WIFI or internet connection

  • A good ability to use Microsoft Office programmes, especially MS Outlook and Teams

  • To always attend your specific (online) team meetings (times and days are arranged within teams)

  • To also attend our wider (online) monthly whole volunteer team meetings, which are held usually on a weeknight using MS Teams

  • Fluent English – written and spoken

  • Ideally fluency in other languages (very helpful
    but not essential)

What are the benefits of volunteering with us?

Volunteering at ReportOUT brings a range of benefits, such as​:

  • Experience in the human rights sector

  • A professionalised volunteering experience and clear guidance in your role and team

  • Free access to a full free suite of Microsoft Office programmes

  • A friendly, warm and welcoming volunteer family

  • Additional and optional training and qualifications, which may occasionally be offered

  • Supportive monthly team meetings within your team and the wider volunteer team

  • Individual supervisions with your Lead Trustee if needed

  • A reference for your CV should you ever leave your volunteering

What do our volunteers say?

In our recent annual volunteer satisfaction survey, our volunteers were asked to rank the following on a scale of 1 (not at all) to 10 (excellent). 31 volunteers answered the survey, and we think that the results speak for themselves:


  • How satisfied are you with your volunteering experience at ReportOUT? Score: 9

  • How well do you understand what is expected of you in your volunteer role? Score: 9

  • How valued and supported do you feel as a volunteer at ReportOUT? Score: 9.5

  • How much impact do you feel your work has? Score: 8.5

  • To what extent do you feel ReportOUT prioritises volunteer training? Score: 9.5

  • How likely are you to recommend ReportOUT to other people as a place to volunteer? Score: 10

“Compared to other volunteering I’ve done, ReportOUT has been superb in setting a context, being clear on expectations of me and providing support and development. It asks a lot of volunteers (which is a good thing!) but also understands how to keep us motivated, informed and proud of what we’re achieving” (Volunteer feedback)


“Having been part of ReportOUT since Summer 2019. I have enjoyed every single moment of my experience so far. We are much more than a team, but a family of pioneers dedicated to bringing about change which has powerful impact. There are not enough words in the world to express how much gratitude and purpose that the charity has brought to my life!” (Volunteer feedback)

Our volunteer roles currently on offer:

We are not currently recruiting

Before you go further, have you:

  • Read the qualities (and what else) that we need from you on this page above?

  • An ability to commit the required time to perform the role.

  • A willingness to be responsive to messages, fast acting, but with an attention for detail?

  • An excellent level of written English (spelling, grammar and prose).

Now let’s take a look at our available roles! We have the following volunteer role descriptors for both roles for you to read by clicking on the slideshow below. We strongly encourage you to read the role that you are applying for very closely to see whether you are suitable for us, and that we are suitable for you.

Hands Typing on Laptop Keyboard

Communications Officers

When we recruit for volunteers to join our team, we are open to all if they have the skills that we need


We particularly welcome applications from under-represented groups at ReportOUT, such as as transgender, non-binary and intersex volunteers. We warmly welcome international applicants to bring their networks and insight to our organisation.

Positive-Allies-logo-final (002).jpg

ReportOUT has achieved the HIV charter mark Positive Allies. This charter mark designates ReportOUT as an HIV-friendly place to volunteer, with clear policies in place and a commitment to tackling HIV-related stigma within our organisation.

What happens next?

Do you fit what we need and have read our role descriptor?

  1. Send your CV and covering letter to us.

  2. If your application matches what we need, then we will contact you by email with a suggested date and time for interview.

  3. We will then interview you online via Microsoft Teams;

  4. If you are successful, you will also gain your account logins for ReportOUT at this point for MS Office, and your own personalised email account. 

  5. Volunteers will start in their teams shortly afterwards, and after a briefing and induction about their roles

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